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    Hi PioneerSupport,

    recently my patients are reporting me, that they do not receive any appointment-reminders by SMS/textmessage anymore ( set up by a rule in the contact center).
    – clinicoffice shows a symbol, that the reminder has been sent.
    – when I do sent a TEXT message from the menu in the patient record, the patient DOES receive the message immediately.

    Can you please help me here ?

    thanks and regards,



    Hi Maarten,

    Thanks for your post. We’ve just tested it back here and the TextAnywhere reminder system is working fine for us.

    Please note that when ClinicOffice sends a SMS message, it merely submits it to the TextAnywhere SMS internet gateway. At this point, ClinicOffice has done its job and logs the SMS as being sent.

    If for some reason, the SMS is not delivered (perhaps due to a problem with the Mobile Network or if the destination mobile number is unreachable after a number of retries by the gateway), then the message won’t be delivered. However there’s no way for ClinicOffice to have any knowledge of this.

    You should however be able to see a complete log of your sent SMS messages (along with thier statuses) by logging in to your TextAnywhere account. Here is how to do it

    Go to
    Once in, click ADMIN PANEL
    Scroll down on the left hand side until you see ACCOUNT
    Under ACCOUNT you will see REPORTING – Please click
    On the next page, you select your search parameters – when the text message was sent
    This report is in an EXCEL format and has a column named STATUS.

    Please try this to investigate further. Reply to this post if you need further assistance.

    Many thanks,

    Support Team


    Hi Pioneersupport,

    I’ve still massive problems with the sms appointment reminders. Customers still giving feedback about NOT receiving my sms reminder. Sending sms using textanywhere website are not a problem.

    So what to do ?
    regards Maarten


    Hi there Maarten,

    I spoke to Niels earlier as I believe he was having the same issue. I logged onto his screen and we sent a few test text messages from ClinicOffice to both his mobile phone and one of ours back here and they both text messages were delivered with no problems.

    I did change some of SMS settings in ClinicOffice. Maybe you could double check yours also?

    If you go to VIEW
    Click PAGE 2 (Configuration) at the top right corner

    Make sure that the MY COUNTRY setting is set to Netherlands.

    I hope this sorts the problem out. If it doesn’t please let us know and we will try our best to resolve the problem!

    Thanks for your patience.


    Hi Mat,

    thanks for your reply. I spoke to Niels and changed the settings and the took care of the issue with the maximum amount of characters ( name and lastname included).

    I shall ask the patient feedback and report it to you. Thanks for your time and help !


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