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    We haven’t yet made the jump to CO 2005 due to a recent issue in the office where one of my staff restored an old backup copy rather than backing up the data.

    So my wish is for some fail safe that takes backing up out of human hands and automates the process.


    Sorry to hear about the mishap with restoring your data. 🙁

    Both ClinicOffice XP and ClinicOffice 2005 have a manual backup procedure (accessible from the Tools menu) and it’s possible that we’ll develop some kind of automated backup in the future.

    For the time being however, we would recommend looking into a 3rd party backup program for automated backups.

    Regarding backing up ClinicOffice with 3rd party software – you just need to make sure that your backup program includes the folder which contains your ClinicOffice database files.

    Futhermore, using a 3rd party backup program you can also backup other important files & documents on your computer in addition to your ClinicOffice database – all at the same time!

    Another possibility to consider, is purchasing an actual backup device such as an external ZIP drive or a Tape drive, which will almost always come ‘bundled’ with backup software for automated backups. An additional benefit of this, is that it also forces you in to the habit of backing up onto external media.


    Many Thanks for prompt reply… looked at that website as suggested some great stuff there…. the award winner is $400 for the server version which is a bit expensive so I have a look at the others or come up with some other solution…

    It got me to thinking though…. Could you programme Clinic Office 2005 to backup through FTP onto a server that you manage and charge us £10 a month for this peace of mind or onto web space of our choice… (I have about 50mb spare on my web site)

    Many Thanks Colm


    Well I’ve given it some thought and this is the best solution I can come up with but I’d be pleased to hear from any other suggestions on this matter

    Step 1
    I’m using Windows SBS 2005 which has a back up utility built in ( find it by searching for ntbackup.exe and create a shortcut on your desktop) use this to automate your backup…once it’s setup you don’t have to worry about it

    For Other Windows Versions
    Step 2
    Download AUTO BACKUP from

    Step 3
    Configure it to do your backups then…
    Configure it to back up (your back up!) off site using it’s FTP facility onto your web space (very easy to use)

    If you haven’t got web space then check out this broadband provider.. (100mb free with your broadband)

    It took me less than 10 minutes to set this all up

    Any problems e-mail me…



    Thanks for your research on this Colm.

    The remote FTP backup is definitely something that we’re considering. Once the Stock Control & Associate Fees modules are complete (by the end of this year), we’ll be looking to implement something like this.


    Hi I have been playing around with this fantastic little program for a few days now trying to sort out the best protocol for off site backup…

    My suggestion is that if your using this prog.. that you set up two backups

    Start with a Full Backup which you schedule weekly on Sunday PM..(max compression to save space… mine ran to 12MB)

    Then set up a Differential Backup which is scheduled for Mon to Sat at the close of business daily (This looks at the changes on a day by day basis and backs them up)

    If you need to restore….
    select your Fullback 1st and restore…
    then select your last Differential Backup and restore that
    and thats it!!!

    I’ve tested the restore facility twice and it works perfectly!!!

    I use CuteFTP Pro to look at my web space to see what’s happening and If like me you only have 100MB you’ll probably need to go in once a month and tidy up a little

    Any probs e-mail me

    Colm :D/


    Any of you using the AUTOBACKUP programme will by now have realisied that it has a handy email faculity that advises you if the back up has failed for any reason…..(if your not using it I suggest you start)

    Having had a couple of these emails as a result of running out of web space (100mb) I decided to buy more space…750mb to be percise…£3.99 + vat from Fastshosts per month….

    I set this up about 3 months ago, havent had an email since, but I’ll be due for some house keeping soon….

    This helps me sleep at night knowing that the data is safe & backedup off site…so having lost an access database on more than one occassion (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!!!) …. IF YOUR NOT BACKING UP YOUR DATA YOU NEED TO PUT A PROTOCOL IN PLACE (WHICH TAKES HUMAN ERROR OUT OF THE LOOP) ASAP

    Sleep well


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