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    many patients are know by their second or other name and the ‘known as’ field is very useful. however, since the last update, the patient details shown on the diary are not using the known as field, they are usning the christian name. how can i get the diary to display their known as name again ❓


    Hi thanks for your post.

    This is one of those annoying occasions where it’s proved difficult to please everyone! We had a lot of requests from customers to omit the “knownas” field as it was being included in letter merges and official documents, however since making that change, a number of other customers want it back.

    We’ve released a ‘silent’ 1070 update (you can re-download it from here) for both COv4 and COv5 which adds it the knownas back in to some of the name formats. The problematic one seemed to be “Firstname / Lastname” format so we’ve left “knownas” out of that one, but have added a new “name format” type called “Firstname / Lastname Informal” which includes it.

    Here’s an updated list of the available name formats :-

    Lookup e.g. Smith, John Mr (Jonny) [12345]
    Code Lookup e.g. 12345: Smith, John Mr (Jonny)
    First/Last e.g. John Smith
    Title/First/Last e.g. Mr John Smith
    Formal e.g. Mr Smith
    Informal e.g. Jonny
    Informal First/Last e.g. Jonny Smith
    Complete e.g. Mr John Edward Smith (Jonny)

    As mentioned, if you’ve already updated to 1070, simply re-download and and install the update again from here :-

    Many thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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