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    When I select a case for a new episode of treatment for a patient, I can right click on the case and I get 2 options: 1 is to delete the case, and on is to rename the case – however the rename option is not accessible. How can I rename a case so that it reflects the injury treated where there are multiple cases, for example, to “pelvis” or “neck” etc It would then possible to easily select a session under the relevant case area being treated that day.

    Thanks for your help


    Hi Physiologix01,

    Thanks very much for your post.

    That RENAME CASE is actually a bug which I will pass to our development team to look at. You shouldn’t actually be able to rename a case as the way the table is structured in the database, the name of the case in effect should be LOCKED (so that it can keep the date and time of the cases).

    However, when you are in a patients clinical notes, you can show the CASE TYPE under the case name. All you need to do is tick the SHOW EXTENDED INFO box in the bottom left corner of the CLINICAL NOTES window.

    So you could set your case type as PELVIS or NECK. With the box ticked, it should show this under the case.

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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