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    Currently we are utilising the performance of a high spec PC purely to run the database for COv4 and feel this could be put to better use elsewhere… Is there any reason why the COv4 database couldnt be run off of a flash drive???



    You could but why would you want too?

    Theoretical speed of a flash drive is determined by the usb 2.o protocol which gives a access speed of 60MB/s

    Your average SATA HDD will give an access time of 1.5GB/s with the latest revision (SATA 3) offering 6GB/s..

    The techie guys will correct me on this but as soon as you load the DB, initial load is slow but thereafter compiled in ram so access speed is determined by RAM amount, Speed and your processor

    So why add another layer of complexity…. think about data loss, backup issues… why bother! If it’s not broken works well don’t fix it! (that’s my motto and I’ve broken enough computer to qualify what I’m talking about)

    Final nugget!!! computers are cheap as chips… data loss very expensive!!! Just buy another machine if you need one somewhere else…

    Hope this helps…


    >> Is there any reason why the COv4 database couldnt be run off of a flash drive?

    Technically it is indeed possible, but as Backman points out, it will affect performance quite significantly. Furthermore, if you’re sharing your database over a network then you *may* encounter niggles trying to share a folder on a ‘removable disk’ across your network, requiring you to have to re-configure the sharing each time you unplug / plugin the device.

    In summary: yes you can do it, but it’s not recommended. Hope this helps!


    Thanks guys, that all makes sense!
    Always best to ask 😀

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