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    It’s not a bug I think, but when I cancel an appointment with me, it asks me to send a message to myself to inform me on this cancellation.
    Maybe a little alteration in the code? Or maybe some find it useful?


    Hi Roelof

    This will be because you have the option to send a message when the cancelled status has been selected. To prevent this message from appearing please follow the steps below.

    1) Go to the View menu
    2) Click the Types and Categories button
    3) Select Appointment Statuses if it is not already selected
    4) Untick the Send Message check box for the Cancelled status
    5) Click the Close button

    You will find that the message will no longer appear, when you cancel an appointment.


    Maybe I don’t understand you properly, but I would like to receive a message when somebody else changes an appointment, but I don’t need a notice when I am the one that changes it.

    Just a little thing though…


    Thanks Roelof – we have considered this suggestion, but the problem is that some clinics have multiple staff logging on under the same username – in which case the message still needs to be sent as it still needs to be picked up by other users.

    We would suggest making sure the optional message “Ask about sending appointment status messages” is switched on (in the “ClinicOffice Settings” | “User Settings” screen) and then when it asks about send the message to yourself, simply click NO.


    I understand. Thanks :-# 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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