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    Can you please help –
    We are also having a dentist in our clinic who would like to make electronic notes rather than paper notes.
    1.  Does the system have a dental chart where she can chart eg cavities, existing fillings, crowns etc and the treatment that she will be carrying out on them.
    2.  Can you upload X-rays and once uploaded, adjust the contrast etc?


    >> Does the system have a dental chart where she can chart
    There are some dental Visual Notes which can be used for very limited dental charting, however we do like to stress that ClinicOffice is a general practice management program, NOT a dentistry-specific application.

    Dental (and periodontal) charting is quite complex and dental programs which offer it (like Software of Excellence, KODAK, BridgeIT) are usually orders of magnitude more expensive than ClinicOffice.

    >> Can you upload X-rays and once uploaded, adjust the contrast etc?
    You can store documents, images and files (e.g. xrays and scans) along with the patient records if you have the Documents and Scanning module. You can also view the images (including zoom in/zoom out), however there’s no facility to manipulate the images as ClinicOffice is not a painting or image manipulation program. You should make any adjustments to your images BEFORE storing them in the database.

    Hope this helps to answer your questions!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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