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    Guy’s had another idea for the new version…

    On a regular basis patients will arrive with a list of drugs or the odd condition I wont recognise and I like to do my research there and then on the web… So I set up my browser to open a number of tabs with the relevant regular research sites I use.. medline, merck manual,

    So the idea I had was.. could you incorporate some kind of customiseable favourites drop down menu or ribbon bar that would directly call to the browser

    or a search box that would search selective web sites for the info and then tag or attach the info to the patient record…

    What do you think…



    Hi Colm – thanks for the suggestion. I’m not too sure how it would be implemented though – there are many plugins for IE and especially for FireFox that do this kind of thing. I think the amount of work involved in developing it for ClinicOfifce may be prohibitive though – unless we got a lot more requests for this sort of feature.

    Many thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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