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    I tried to add a graphic (our logo) and text to the statement header, as well as a footer with our contact details under the Edit Template function of the Statement report.

    Even though I changed the size of the header and footer using the ruler and it appears okay in the Edit Template area, when I run the report it reduces the header area so that not everything shows. The header size on the ruler is big enough but the box containing the header content is much smaller. The same happens with the footer. Can you please tell me how I resolve this?

    Also, we are often required by insurance companies to provide the practitioner providing the services in the statement (against each visit). The merge fields provided don’t include this as an option. Can this be added as an option?



    Hi Claire. Not sure what would cause that problem. Please can you do the following…

      – Click “Reports and Templates”
      – Locate the template your having the problem with
      Right click on it and click “Edit Template”
      – Click “File | Send To | ClinicOffice REP File”
      – Save the file to an easy location (like your desktop)
      – Email the REP file to

    This will let us take a look at the template to see if we can find the problem.

    Regarding the ‘practitioner in the statment’ request – please can you let us know exactly which report/template you mean, and where you would like the practitioner name to appear?



    I’ve emailed a copy of the report to you.

    Regarding having the practitioner custom field available, we would need it in the statement report – against each invoice line.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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