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    Hi, I would find it very useful to be able to put in recurring tasks as in Microsoft Outlook and as in the recurring appointment feature on CO. How about it guys? OR am I missing something and the feature is already there?

    Steve Massey


    Hi Steve

    Thanks for the post. When you have finished a task rather than marking the task as completed you could just reset the due date and reminder date. This way it would pop up at a later date. Would this be sufficient?


    Hi William, No it wouldn’t be sufficient. I’d like to be able to remind my staff to do certain tasks every month or week. For example produce a report on patients who have not rebooked every month, or clear old back ups out of the file before they build up. There are a lot of tasks which are repeated monthly or weekly. IT is also useful if you have a changing system and want to introduce new regular tasks which people may intially forget.

    Could be done as you suggested, but it would be a lot easier and less prone to error if done my way.



    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve added your request to our wishlist.

    That kind of functionality is readily available in MS Outlook (and most other PIM software). It’s not really our intention to reproduce everything that Outlook does as COv4 works best ‘along-side’ those kind of programs, but it is certainly worth us considering.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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