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    We now have Clinic Office running at a remote location which is accessed by a number of Users using terminal server sessions.

    We use the Text Anywhere facility in Clinic Office to automatically send appointment reminders to patients due into Clinic tomorrow.

    Isue 1:-
    The “designated” machine to run the automatic texting was set to the virtual session that was offered when choosing this machine.

    However when the time for the automatic text run arrived we sent the text multiple times! It seems it ran for each of the virtual sessions running at that time (fortunately just 4).

    Today we set the designated PC to one connecting on the same network as the server and so not requiring a terminal server session. This then runs fine sending just the one set of text messages.

    Advice please.

    We would prefer not to need a dumb PCterminal constantly running just to run the automatic texting.

    Issue 2:-
    It appears (not tested exhaustively so might be co-incidental) if you connect to Clinic Office using terminal services and set the testing to manual (from automatic) then that only holds until the terminal services session ends. When you log back on with a new terminal services session the flag is set back to automatic.

    Issue 3 is a Question:-
    If you are attached to Clinic Offic through a Terminal Services session and you wish to send a manual text (or multiple manual texts) would it also send multiple versions of each text?

    Tony Taylor
    ESO Maidstone

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