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    It seems that since the last update was installed, the contact centre is no longer sending out the automated texts as per the schedule.

    Can you please advise?

    Thank you


    Hi – thanks for your post.

    The most likely cause is that you have a firewall that is blocking ClinicOffice from accessing the internet. This typically happens after an update because the update procedure will update the ClinicOffice executable file. In turn, your firewall then sees this as a new program and starts blocking it.

    Please try disabling any firewall programs you have installed, or configure them to allow ClinicOffice to have access to the internet.


    This is not the cause of the problem.
    It is still not sending out the automatic updates it did before the last version upgrade.

    Anything else we need to check please?


    Hi – thanks for your post.

    Please can you confirm that the built-in Windows Firewall is also disabled? Instructions can be found here :-

    Please can you also check how many credits you have on your TextAnywhere account? You can log in to your TextAnywhere account by clicking this link :-

    What happens if you try sending an SMS reminder manually? You can do this by right clicking on an appointment and then clicking SEND TEXT MESSAGE – does it send correctly or does it show an error message?

    Please also look at the rule itself and notice the settings indicated below :-

    Can you please check the following :-

    [1] Is the shedule still set to “Automatic” and are the times and days setup correctly?
    [2] Is the rule configured to only run for a particular user and you’re now logging on as a different user?
    [3] Is the rule configured to only run on a specific PC based on the computer name? If so, is it possible that the NAME of the computer has been changed?

    If none of the above helps, then please try running the rule manually from the above screen and let us know the results – whether it works or whether any error messages are shown.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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