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    At the moment we are going to upgrade our server with solid state hard-disks. Windows 2003 is going to be installed (but maybe 2008 in the future).

    We have a database with about 15.000 patients. Just addresses and appointments (as you know 😎 ). The size of the database is about 10Mb.
    We would like to import all the files that belong to the patient in the future (clinical notes, scans, word-doc’s, etc.).

    What size hard-disk would you recommend installing? (Price is an issue – regarding the type of harddisk).

    Thanks for an answer.


    Hi Roelof,

    The question is: what size are the documents/images that you’ll be storing with the patients? We can’t answer that for you. If you’re going to be storing approximately 0.5Mb of compressed document(s) with each patient and you have 15,000 patients then that = 7.5Gb.

    I’m afraid that we can’t answer this as only you know what data you will be storing. However, the biggest database that we have come across is about 5Gb.

    Hope this helps.


    That certainly helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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