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    Hi recently I’ve had an issue with a virus and firewall lock out which affected windows file sharing and resulted in us not being able to network clinic office.. had to eventually do a clean install because I couldn’t control the firewall services at command line level… i.e. I couldn’t turn it off

    So I was wondering if any body out there is running thin clients networking and how easy is it to live with and run… as a small business I’m the IT guy as buying in services is too expensive..

    I’m thinking of putting in a dell optiplex fx170 with DeTOS embedded (OS is free from Dell) with terminal services to server

    Anybody done this or something similar? some pointers would be great..

    Many Thanks



    Hi Backman,

    Thanks for your post. We do have a number of customers who use Terminal Services/Remote Desktop to access a single installation of ClinicOffice on a server computer from network clients, and it seems to work quite well for them.

    There are some benefits. For example, you only have to update one installation of ClinicOffice and if your server is particularly hi-spec (and you don’t have too many users) you might get a performance boost too.

    There are downsides however: if your server goes down, everyone loses access. Also, running several instances of ClinicOffice is quite resource-hungry on a server which can affect performance adversely if the server isn’t quite up to the job or if it’s busy running other intensive processes.

    On the whole, we don’t usually recommend a TS/RD configuration for ClinicOffice unless you really know what you’re doing (or if you have some dedicated IT support for your network) because in the event of problems or performance issues, it’s unlikely that our helpdesk will be able to assist with your network setup.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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