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    Paul Frishert

    I have two issues concerning build 1079:

    • when I have a popup of a task reminder and I want to snooze the task I get an error. The error is already sent to support, but without an answer. BTW, when I open the task and snooze it then, it’s working all right.
    • When I try to sent a raport by email the app has to add the report as attachment to the mail. Since 1079 this is not done anymore

    Hi mesologie,
    I am interested in what you mean exactly by sending a report. Are you doing this through an appt? Is this customized behaviour? Could I send an invoice through email (with the email module) as well? (Without first saving the invoice to the desktop, opening email, import etc?)


    Hi – thanks for mentioning these issues.

    As regards the first issue, it sounds like you’re using the OLD STYLE popup messages (from COv4). We had another user report this problem and we released a silent update to 1079 to fix it.

    Regarding the 2nd issue, please make sure that your email program is registered as your default email client. You can check this by clicking on a mailto: link from a website.

    Either way, please re-download and re-install the latest 1079 update again from here and then let us know your results :-

    Paul Frishert

    Both issues are solved in this silent update =D> Thanks a lot.

    @Roelof: ikzend je wel even een privébericht.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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