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    Updated to Window 10 on 19.03.16. Now unable to send text messages via TextAnywhere unless they are prefixed with+44 code. Microsoft and TextAnywhere tell me it is a soft ware problem…which unfortunately I am unable to resolve. ](*,) Any Ideas?


    Hi – please can you give us more detail? What do you mean when say that it’s “unable to send”? Is there a specific error message, if so, please can you tell us exactly what it says?

    Also, if you’ve updated to Windows 10, have you checked that your locale settings are still set to the United Kingdom, or has the the upgrade defaulted your Windows to US settings?


    Although the icon for text is shown on the patients name when I press ‘Send Reminder’.No texts are being received by clients. Text Anywhere says the problem started on 19.03.16, which is when I changed to Windows 10. The location is set at UK. No error message.


    Hi ,
    Finally got it to work!!! Thanks for your help! :D/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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