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    I see on the programme updates part of the Pioneer Site that there are instructions on how to make the “simple” update from Version 4 to Version 5.

    Is there any advice on when we should plan to make this upgrade?

    The latest point update to Version 4 (1068) includes as one of its benefits “final preparatory code for transition to Clinic Office Version 5”

    So apart from any “bug fixes” does the focus now switch to v5?

    Tony Taylor
    ESO Maidstone



    I have just upgraded on my server edition and after running COv5 and clicking on the diary display button I was logged off and had the message that my license was not on this PC and it may be on another PC. I had not upgraded any other PCs. Because it is a license issue I cannot rollback to Cov4 and I predict a riot on Monday…

    Steve Crook


    @Steven Crook (salisburyfes)
    Thanks for your post Steven – I’ve emailed you separately with some instructions. From the license server end, the upgrade appears to have gone through fine, so I’m not sure what the problem is. If you follow the instructions I’ve emailed then you should be fine.

    @Tony Taylor (ttaylor)
    >> Is there any advice on when we should plan to make this upgrade?
    If you have a lot of computers to go round upgrading, then it would be a good idea to do it when there’s minimum disruption to your users e.g. after work hours or perhaps on a weekend. Otherwise, there’s no rush from our side of things – you’re welcome to upgrade whenever you like.

    >> So apart from any “bug fixes” does the focus now switch to v5?
    Very good question. Active development (e.g. new/enhanced features) will now target v5, however v4 will still receive regular updates and bug fixes. Both versions run off the same code-base, so bug fixes to the core program will benefit both versions and for the time-being, we will continue releasing COv4 updates at the same time as COv5 updates.

    I hope this answers the question adequately – many thanks!


    Thanks to Hedley for responding out of hours and restoring my license.

    I was able to connect remotely with enough PCs so that we could function on Monday morning. Nearly caught up with the others now…

    Tony, I arranged (with myself!) to do the upgrade late on Friday. If all had been smooth then there would have been no problem (I backed everything up etc..). It just so happened that the hiccup I experienced was after Pioneer had ‘gone home’ so I did get a bit nervous until Hedley responded to my email. So much of IT is belt and braces – for peace of mind perhaps schedule during office hours.


    Odstock Medical Ltd

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