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    We have recently started using Clinicoffice V5, Hosted (sorry previously had written Server edition in error) edition. There are several issues with the performance
    but one of the main ones is the constant freezing when inputting data. The connection is wired, I have
    no firewall blocking anything, the internet connection is reliable and doesn’t drop out with other programs.
    I have another online diary system which has been reliable for years but I decided to get the clinicoffice diary add on so that the database would all be connected but it seems a waste of money.

    The other issue is that Clinicoffice disconnects frequently on the remote connection. I have set it to refresh every 30 seconds so that it does not look inactive, but why can’t it just stay connected even when inactive.
    To me it looks like a server side problem as I have other remote programs that do not have such issues.


    Hi Eleanor,

    Thanks for your post and sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing connection issues. Your account is hosted on our SPACE6 server which is shared with a number of other clinics.

    I can indeed see that there have been connection drops on your account, however the server itself is not reporting any faults and has had 100% uptime for several weeks, plus I can see that other clinics have been logged on all day today (for 6+ hours) with no drops. This would tend to indicate that the disconnect is happening at your end rather than at the server end.

    The first thing that we’d recommend is following the instructions in this FAQ which has successfully resolved RDP connection issues for a number of customers :-
    FAQ 501: ClinicOffice Hosted Connection Dropping

    If the problem persists after following those instructions, please get back to us and we’ll investigate further.

    Many thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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