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    It’s great to see the integration of VoIP technology into clinic office and yet another advance that puts this product ahead of the competition.

    My only issue is that I have a VoIP provider which is heavily intertwined into my business. I use a company called and have 4 lines with them with multiple extensions including iPhone and IPads extensions.

    So for the next update can you consider including in this new feature a facility to configure a clinic office VoIP extension thru another party ie Gradwell.

    I like to keep things simple… I don’t want multiple VoIP providers and it just adds another layer of complexity to the business which I have to manage which is why I like Clinic Office as it is becoming a one stop shop.

    please please give this some thought guys…

    All in all very cool new developments!!!


    Hi – thanks for your post.

    That’s the second request for “Gradwell” integration so we’ve looked into it further. Gradwell do offer an API but unfortunately it’s quite limited and not nearly as comprehensive as Birchill’s API. This means that the only feature we can integrate is “click-to-dial” – call notification popups aren’t possible with Gradwell which is a shame as that (in our opinion) is the best bit about VOIP integration!

    We’ll see if we can add in “click-to-dial” integration with Gradwell for the next update – many thanks.


    Thanks as always guys for the prompt response..


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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