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    Where can we find a book to learn to program the new report writer and document templates



    The user guide will be ready shortly which will contain some useful help on using the Word Processor in general and also on how to create/edit your own reports.

    We also anticipate that we’ll be adding quite a lot of new reports/doc templates over the coming weeks now that ClinicOffice 2005 has been released. We’ll post new reports here in this forum so that you can download and install the ones you want.

    The best way as users for you to create reports, is actually to copy existing ones and edit the layout. Programming a new report from scratch requires a good knowledge of SQL and the ClinicOffice database structure. In time, there’ll be plenty of reports available so there’ll be lots to choose from for you to tweak and modify to your own ends.

    In the meantime, if you have any suggestions are urgent requirements for a report/doc template – please post a request in this forum and we’ll do our best to accomodate!


    Many thanks for your reply..

    On the patient editor print button I need a facility to print the current patient being viewed…. (the current Print This Patient has too much detail but if there was an edit facility on this it would be great)

    As suggested I have copied a file in the contacts folder and tweaked it slightly..

    I’ve thru trial and error, comparing code in other reports and cutting and pasting managed to get this report viewing on the print button drop down menu under contacts…

    However as yet I can,t get it to print the patients details…comes up blank…

    Can you create a doc that I can tweak….I need…
    Patient Surname, Title, First Name (14pt)
    Telephone home, work, mobile
    Patient Code
    GP Name
    GP Address
    Referred By

    Many Thanks



    I think I sorted it out…

    Step 1
    Make a copy of the GP Letter in the Letters Folder (right click menu)

    Step 2
    Drag and Drop into Contacts Folder

    Step 3
    Edit Template.. I put in a table and then loaded the necessary fields from the “Insert Merge Fields Button” into the relevant cells..

    Step 4
    Click on the “EDIT SOURCE” Button and untick the “Is Document Template”

    Step 5
    Save it, then go back into the contacts folder and rename it to whatever you want….. I call mine Card (as in patient card)
    Click on the patient editor, call up a patient, Click on the print icon, scroll down to contacts, click on Card (or whatever you called it) and see if it’s merged the patient details…

    It’s working for me…

    Colm 😆

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