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    The new version is great – thank you!

    A few items for the wish list:


    In the Clinic Office XP version, the quick invoice function gave the option of inputting a discount amount for the invoice. I know I can select the Create an invoice option and do it there in the new version. However, as a lot of our patients are on discount arrangements it would be handy to have it in the quick invoice function.


    Any chance of having the database compatible with Dymo & Avery Label Writers (such as in Word & Outlook). We have a Dymo label printer and with my Outlook Contacts I simply highlight the contact, click on the Dymo icon on the toolbar and it inserts the address details into the label for printing. For Clinic Office 2005 contacts I currently copy & paste each address line into the label. Having the quick print icon would make it a lot faster.


    I have our practice number diverted to my mobile. I have a copy of Clinic Office 2005 on the home computer so I can make bookings when I am at home. However if I am running errands, at meetings etc I either have to print appointment pages out or take the callers enquiry details down and call them back later. Having the ability to synchronise the appointment diary with a palm or pocket pc would make this process a lot easier.



    If you did make Clinic Office 2005 compatible with the Avery/Dymo Label writer another function that would be fantastic would be the ability to print appointment times onto the label and then we could stick that on the back of a business card. We book multiple appointments in advance and it would be great to be able to print them out rather than write them by hand. I understand we can print an appointments list on a A4 sheet but it would be handy to have a wallet sized version.

    While I’m thinking about it, having the option to display/print the date as Day, Date, Time would be handy too (eg Mon 7th Nov 11.00am).



    Thanks for your suggestions Claire – they are duly noted!

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