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    The clinical notes are great.

    But, in our clinic we try to keep the use of the computer to a minimum. Plus our appointments can be as small as 15 minutes. What I wondered and I’m sure that others would find this beneficial also, would it be possible to have pre-selected choices for a visual note…


    For a face botox session… to have the ability to drag and drop a ‘X 2 units’ onto parts of the face then drag and drop ‘X 5 Units’ onto another part

    If these were customisable I believe it would make clinical note taking easier for many people…

    Please help.


    You can already add text to a Visual Note using the TEXT tool. I guess what you’re talking about is having a predefined list of text items to add?

    However, in our experience, adding lots of text to a visual note will soon obscure it making it difficult to read especially when the visual note gets resized down for the Clinical History.

    Instead, we recommend creating your own visual note and making a KEY on it i.e. a box in one corner which shows visually that a “RED CROSS = such-and-such” and a “BLUE CIRCLE = something else”.

    Many customers use this methodology and it works well for them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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