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    CO has been glitchy for me over the last couple of years. Very laggy and regular drop outs.

    So I have recently spent $3k on upgrading our computer system solely for the purpose of sorting out CO.


    Unfortunately nothing has changed. The server PC was working fine but the network PC’s were still very slow and laggy. But now the server has completely lost the database, rendering the whole system unusable.


    When I try to open CO now I get the error saying that a connection to the server cannot be established, because the target machine actively refused it.

    This happened mid shift. It was fine then just dropped out.


    This is beyond frustrating, and is seriously disrupting our business. Please help to rectify these ongoing issues.

    Joshua Barrs

    Hi Coolumchiropractic,

    We are sorry to hear that you have been having one or two issues with using ClinicOffice, and can understand how these would be frustrating. We can see that you own the Professional Edition of ClinicOffice, so the software is installed on your own hardware.

    Firstly, the best way to troubleshoot slow & laggy performance on your networked PC’s is by process of elimination. Networked PC’s with ClinicOffice will appear slow when they aren’t getting requested data quickly enough from your server. This can happen for 2 reasons…

    1. The Server hardware is struggling to keep up.
    2. The internal network that ClinicOffice uses to communicate is slow, or intermittent.

    If the software “was working fine” as you say on the server PC but very slow and laggy only on the networked PC’s, this tells us that the software cannot be the problem, and neither can it be the server. If it was, then there would be persistent performance issues accross all devices. This would indicate then an issue with the network that ClinicOffice uses to communicate with your server PC. This is further supported by the fact that the same problem has reoccured with new hardware, and that if there were a software issue or bug within ClinicOffice causing this, we would be seeing a number of error reports, and this isn’t the case.

    Are each of your PC’s wired into your network, or are they using Wi-Fi? We would certainly recommend  switching where possible to wired as this will always be the faster and more reliable option.

    Regarding the database lost error that you are seeing on your Server, this is almost 100% a firewall or anti-virus issue. The Professional Edition of ClinicOffice uses a file based database engine that anti-virus can often interfere with. Please can you try disabling it, restarting the server PC, and trying again.

    Please let us know how you get on with the above suggestions and if you need any further assistance.


    Hi Joshua,


    Thank you again for your help.

    So uninstalling the anti-virus software resolved the database issue. As we were using Bitdefender as recommended, what would be your suggestion for an antivirus solution?


    I also thought that the network would be the problem with the slow and laggy performance, however the modem is top shelf and relatively new, and all other networking needs are fast and without issue. Unfortunately we can’t run a wired network, however all PC’s are within 5 metres of the modem. Ping tests run fine too.


    Cheers, Brad

    Joshua Barrs

    Hi Brad,

    Pleased to hear that’s worked for you with the Anti-Virus. It’s difficult for us to recommend AV for use along side ClinicOffice due to the dynamic nature of it all, and the fact that a single update to their software can cause problems.

    At present, whilst our hosted platform operates with data centre level security suite software, many of our staff are very happy with Windows Defender for their personal computers.

    Regarding the ‘Laggy performance’ you are experiencing on the client PC’s, this is very difficult for us to diagnose without having a direct connection to both the server & the client machines. The problem will be either network or hardware related, just for the reason that if there were a software problem, we would see the same issue across multiple users.

    To diagnose any further we would need to run disk I/O and network transfer tests that would reflect the kind of traffic ClinicOffice would be expected to generate. Unfortunately you have chosen not to take out any support with us, so whilst we would still be happy to help, you would need to pay a one-off support fee, or consider joining the Support Plan.

    It’s also worth mentioning though that even if we were to connect in, whilst we can assist in locating the problem, we are limited with what we can do to solve it remotely when it relates to a hardware or a network issue.

    We would still strongly encourage – even if it’s just for a testing period – that you try a wired network connection with one of the PC’s to rule that out completely. Even the most advanced Wi-Fi technologies can suffer from interference and file degradation, both of which are unlikely to be picked up in a standard ping test.


    Thanks again. I have kind of resigned myself to the slow performance, we have been putting up with it for a while. However I was hoping that the computer upgrade would of helped at least a bit.

    Unfortunately, there is now an issue with the server. I have removed all anti virus and disabled firewalls (obviously a security concern), and it is dropping out regularly now too.


    I’ve attached a screenshot of the error message.

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    Joshua Barrs

    Hi Brad,

    The error message that you have attached means that something on your computer is directly interfering with the ClinicOffice database service.

    As I’m sure you would agree – both in this case and with the performance issues – if ClinicOffice were to blame, then we would be receiving hundreds of support calls each day.

    We are still willing to help, but because the problem is specific to your set up, indicating the extreme likelyhood that it relates to a piece of hardware or software running on that particular PC, for us to offer further support other than the suggestions already on this forum would require a direct connection to your server computer.

    Unfortunately you have chosen not to take out any support with us, so whilst we would still be happy to help, you would need to pay a one-off support fee for that, or consider joining the Support Plan.




    Thanks again Joshua. Obviously I need to get this sorted. How do I get a support ticket for this?




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