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    For some time we have been using the facility within Clinic Office to send automatic texts to mobiles using textanywhere.

    This works well and where an individual patient does not want to make use of the facility we can disable simply by putting a text charachter (such as a #) as the first character of the mobile number.

    We have extended this now; so where there is no mobile number we send a text (voice message) to the landline number. The voice synthesiser is very much like a Dalek, but it works. As to be expected there are some patients who whould rather not get such a message. So we thought put a text character as the first digit and it should be sorted.

    This does not seem to work. Any suggestions?


    Hi Tony

    Thanks for the post.

    Rather than putting a character at the front of the mobile or landline you could place a ‘No SMS’ flag on the patient. Under the Contact Rule there should be a value that says “Exclude patients who have the following flags” and select from there the ‘No SMS’ flag. This way when the rule runs all patients with that flag will be excluded from the contact rule and hence will not receive an SMS.


    Thanks William
    Nice simple change

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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