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    I have installed the latest build of ClinicOffice5 (with help from Pioneer Software as it went wrong) and my backups have now increased from 6MB to 56MB regardless of whether I choose yes or no to “remove the update file”. What’s happened and how can I get my backups back to a sensible size?


    As your database grows in size, your backups will gradually increase too. However such a significant change in backup size would only exist as a result of a sudden change in database size; uploaded images, files, documents, and emails can significantly increase the size of your database.

    my backups have now increased from 6MB to 56MB regardless of whether I choose yes or no to “remove the update file”

    Are you backing up your database directly from ClinicOffice, or are you backing up via some other means? Thanks


    I appreciate that backups will increase in size the more I use the database but they should only be small incremental increases, not a huge nine-fold jump. I only backup using the ClinicOffice backup routine. I haven’t added any images etc. I have recently upgraded to build 1082. I did a backup prior to upgrading which was circa 6Mb and one immediately after which was 56Mb – nothing was altered or added in ClinicOffice so why the huge jump? I’ve just done a maximum compression (I usually use normal compression) backup and the file size has stayed at 56Mb! I no longer get the option to “remove the update file”. I’ve run a check and repair, the log states no problems found and the backup is still 56Mb. Any help appreciated.


    Thanks for your post,

    I will have to run some tests back here to see why it would be occuring.

    Just to double check, you have both the DOCUMENTS & SCANNING module and the VISUAL NOTES module. The docs module (self explanitary) lets you upload documents and other files to your database. Also the visual notes, you can upload your own visual notes – As you have more than one user, are you sure no one has uploaded any files?

    I will look back here, run some tests and see what I come up with. As soon as I am done I will let you know!

    Thanks very much!


    Hello, I have the documents/scanning. The additional modules I have are: visual notes and form designer. No one has uploaded any files (it’s only me and some part time receptionists and they would not know how to do this) but to be sure I have just checked everything over on my home computer. No one else has access to this and I only use it occasionally, mainly I keep this in case I need to contact patients if I’m off sick. I only ever RESTORE to my home computer and never backup. So the ClinicOffice data on this computer is a few weeks old – on build 1081. So I have 1. backed this up (to an alternative location) on normal compression – the size is 6.46 MB. 2. then updated to build 1082. 3. then backed up again on normal compression and selected “remove the update file” – the size now is 54.7MB. The two backups were within 10 minutes of each other and no data was entered into ClinicOffice. The only thing I did was update to build 1082.
    It’s very puzzling.
    I prefer to back up to cloud storage and this is shared on several computers. With much larger files I am going to exceed my monthly broadband usage limit rather quickly. I have had to resort to backing up to flash drives which isn’t as reliable.
    Thanks for your help.


    Thanks for the info – I’ll test this back here and see if i can reproduce the issue and offer suggestions / information afterwards – thanks.


    I have found the issue with the backup size – it looks like the filestore table is not being cleared out.

    [1] Go to the Logon Screen
    [2] Click Manage Databases
    [3] Right-Click the database, select ‘Optimise’

    Now Run the backup again and see whether that’s corrected the issue.

    Hope this helps.


    Yay! Back to 6MB. THANK YOU


    Hello. I’m using OpenKM Now, but face a big problem!!
    version : 6.3 (build:8156) Community Extension.
    VMware server configuration: 8G RAM; Centos 6.3 64bit ; CPU E5-2640v2 –16cpus*2GHz (OpenKM only use 2 cpus)
    My problem : I have one folder contains about 700~800 files. Now when I come into this folder, it’s very very slow!!Every time I need to wait 8~9 where the problem is? If it’s my server configuration, can you give me some suggestions?

    Joshua Barrs

    Hi Lucky,

    Could you please help me to understand how this problem is related to ClinicOffice. Are you using OpenKM to view ClinicOffice documents on your server?

    I’m afraid we don’t support either OpenKM or VMware so it would be a little difficult for us to offer any assistance with those applications, but if the problem is with ClinicOffice then we will do our very best to help!

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