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    Folks think I might have found a bug on generation report….

    when looking to generate a report between dates the second date field will only alow a single digit ie.. if selecting the 31/07/2010 only 1 digit will be selected ie… 3/07/2010 its bizare it will select the 12 but not the 13 defaults to 1/10/2100 same for the 20’s and 30’s…

    this was found on sales & services summary haven’t checked the rest and it’son the W7 machine I’m running in



    We’re unable to reproduce this error – it works fine for us. Please make sure that your Windows system is configured to us default sizes (not LARGE fonts) as sometimes data with large fonts cannot be entirely displayed in an edit box.


    Hi W7 configured to default font size (small)…. I think it might be a remote access job so you can get a look at this….

    Back in on Tuesday so I’ll give you a ring…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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