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    Currently I enter the clinic notes for the initial treatment in the “case” sections of the patients notes, subsequent treatments I enter into the “sessions” section, is this correct? Or is the clinical case history designed to be entered into the “case” and all treatment records including the initial one be recorded in the “session”? i.e. with a new patient having an initial consultation and treatment I would need to create a new case and session?

    Kind Regards


    Hi there – thanks for your post.

    A Case can be thought of as a “collection of Sessions”, or perhaps as a “Treatment Spell”.

    A new case is usually created for a patient when they first visit your clinic for an initial consultation. Subsequent visits are recordes as sessions belonging to that case. Once you discharge the patient, you can close the case.

    Sometimes, a patient may have more than one concurrent case if the patient is being treated by different practitioners or for a different condition for example.

    Appointments have a 1-to-1 link with Sessions, so appointment don’t link with Cases, they link with the individual sessions in a case.

    I hope that makes sense! For more information, please refer to page 122 of our user guide.

    Thanks again!


    Hi and thanks, yes I understand all that…. but.

    In our clinic an initial consultation/appointment includes the case/medical history and treatment. I currently add the treatment/appointment notes into a custom field in the “case” record, should I create a “session” record for the initial treatments to record the first treatment in?

    I.e. for a new patient the case/medical history would go in the case record, while the actual treatment given on the same day would go in a new session record?


    Hi Glen

    Very sorry that no one replied to your second post. It really is down to personal preference. I guess in an ideal situation the treatment/appointment notes remain in the Session Notes and this would apply to the first appointment as well as subsequent appointments. Leave the Case Notes for the medical history side. This way a session will always cover an appointment and a case will serve as an umbrella which all sessions go underneath. However as mentioned it really is down to personal preference and if it is working for you to enter initial appointment into the case notes then that is fine.

    Again sorry for the very late reply and hope this helps to answer your initial questions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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