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    Hi, I’m trying to improve my invoice layout, so I’d like to know how I can switch the header of the 1st page to another header on all the following pages. This is necessary when there are a lot of lines with quantities, description and totals (eg when there a a lot of ‘charges).

    Let me clarify this: The first sheet of paper needs to have the address of the recipient, the invoice number, the date and some other details (see attachment). This data doesn’t have to show up on the second page.

    Now I know that I can untick the box that says ‘repeat every page’ on the ‘groupHeaderBand1’ menu. But then my logo disappears as well. I am pretty much stuck to the layout of the first page in the attachment, since the address is located exactly in the position where the window in the envelope is. In other words, I cannot output the address under my logo.

    So; Is there a way to change the ‘groupHeaderBand1’ to some other groupHeaderBand on all the following pages?
    Or do you have an idea on how to achieve this in some other way?

    Thanks again for your time!

    ## Somehow the server didn’t let me upload the screencapture, nor the report (zipped).


    Hi Roelof,

    You can achieve this by creating a REPORT HEADER which only appears on the first page of a report. Next, select the PAGE HEADER band and in the “Property Grid” locate the “Print On” property and set this to “not with Report Header”.

    The result will be that the REPORT HEADER band will appear on page 1 and the PAGE HEADER band will appear on subsequent pages.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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