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    is there any way of customising the clinical summary, since each session contains 5 lines of data which are duplicated each time, (patien, staff member, appt type, clinic name, room). it would be great if we could only have the date and treatment ments notes visible on this screen? 😀


    Already being worked on! 😉


    Would it also be possible to auto-fill this information on the session notes?

    eg. the diary already knows what the appointment type is, which staff member it is and which room it’s in.

    OK it’ll sometimes change, but it would be nice if there was an option to have these fields assumed and just changed when wrong


    ClinicOffice v4 already does this when you create a Session Note from the appointment. To do this right click on the appointment and select Enter Session Notes. We would recommend using this method. If you create a Session Note without linking it to an appointment then ClinicOffice cannot pull up the information such as the Appointment Type or Room.


    Excellent, thank you for that – was doing it the same way as in CO2005. 😕


    regarding my post on 18/9/08, does the lastest version of clinic office have the functionality to edit the fields on the ‘clinical summary’ panel? a lot of information is duplicated and i would like to only see date and treatment notes on the summary – i don’t need to know the room, patient, appt type etc… ❓


    Thanks for your post. I’m not sure what version of ClinicOffice you’re using but in the latest version, it pulls in all populated data to give you a complete summary. Any fields that are not populated are omitted so there’s no wasted space.

    There’s also a “Send to WP” button which exports the summary to an RTF file and opens it as a document. This allows you to edit the summary and remove any superfluous fields before sending it on somewhere else.

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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