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    I started Clinic Office [CO] today and was advised that there was an update available, so I selected the update and this duly went ahead.  When I then started CO, I was advised that my database now required updating, so I went ahead with that.  Unfortunately, this failed with an error message.  Rebooting didn’t help, so I looked on the FAQ section of the help system and followed William’s instructions to try reloading the CO update, which didn’t help, then completely reloading CO.  Now, with the new CO loaded, I can’t log in to CO at all – the usual dialog box comes up, with my username already displayed, but when I insert my password, I get an “invalid user” error message.

    Any suggestions?


    Follow-up to my message of 2:52 July 16.

    I have now rebooted my machine and CO will start.  I’m back to the original problem that the database won’t update.  I get the error message

    “Elevate.ElevateDB.Data.EDBException: ElevateDB Error #1004 The column in the table emailarchive cannot be NULL…..”

    Any advice?


    Follow-up to my earlier messages about database update problems.

    I looked on the forum for other ElevateDB problems and followed the advice to run the DB Check and Repair tool.

    This fixed it!!

    Joshua Barrs

    Hi Longbo,

    We are pleased to hear that you managed to resolve this. The ‘Check and Repair’ tool is exactly what we would have advised!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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