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    In the old version of CO4 I block booked appointments infinitely into the future. I now want to delete them but I cannot as the feature has been removed. How can I delete infinite block bookings as it is impossible to to do manually?



    Thanks for the post. As you have mentioned recently we have changed the way you can create multiple appointments. The previous method merely created an image of the first appointment, meaning it was one appointment being mirrored onto multiple days. This meant when you went to delete it, it could delete all appointments purely because it was one appointment. The downside to this was that you could not easily report on recurrences of those appointments nor could you assign a patient to the appointment.

    The new method actually copies the appointment so that you have more than one physical appointment. The advantage of this is that you can easily report on these multiple occurrences and you can assign a patient to those occurrences.

    The quickest way to delete these blocked booked appointments is to by going to the appointment grid view, searching for the appointments and mass deleting from there. To do this please follow the steps below.

    *It is recommended that you backup your database before you do this*

    1) Click the blue link in the diary “Switch to Grid View” (left of the Diary Options button)
    2) Click the Search button
    3) Click the Display All Records button (This is between the Search and Refresh buttons)
    4) Click Grid Options
    5) Click Toggle Grid Filtering (A new line will appear just below the column headers)
    6) Type the description of your appointment into the line just below the Description column header
    7) You can do the same on any of the other columns you may wish to filter on i.e. “Staff Name”
    8) After you have filtered out the unwanted appointments, left click on one of the appointments and press the Ctrl and A keys together
    9) Right click on one of the records lines and select Delete Appointment

    This will delete all of the appointments for this recurrence.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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