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    We have been changing around staff usernames here, so deleted a few and recreated using the same usernames but it states the username already assigned to another user, when they have been deleted! We are running the latest build 1076, including the DB being updated. We are running server edition here. Is there a way to run a consistency check other than the basic database check offered in the application? I ran the quick check.

    Thanks and regards



    Thanks for posting. When a staff member is deleted there record is moved to the Recycle Bin. You can undelete a record by right clicking and choosing undelete or by entering the record by double clicking and choosing undelete on the ribbon menu at the top of the screen.


    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for your reply, but maybe more information will help you, ok so for instance a staff member named ‘Kate’ got deleted, so another kate was created as user name, notice the small ‘k’ in the name, the password was set for both ‘kates’. Now here’s the problem, if I undelete either, I cannot change the password or set it as I get a red ‘x’ next to the username. Maybe is there a way to purge all the deleted records permanently or at least the now 2 kate staff records?

    Thanks Again and regards



    Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems. We would ask at this point if you could upload your database to our FTP site so that we can have a look for ourselves. There are some instructions for how do this here:
    If you want to let us know when you’ve started uploading or when it’s finished, we’ll have a look into the issue asap. Many thanks!



    Just an idea to fix your problem. If you first of all undelete the first Kate and then open her record. Locate the Username field (default location on the main Staff Details screen) and delete everything in that field. Click the Save button, rather than the Save and Close button and then click the Delete button.

    After doing this you will be able to assign the username to the newer Kate record, as you will have removed the existing username. By doing it this way you also bypass the need to open the Set Username and Password screen.

    Please let us know if this helps to fix the problem.


    Thanks Jacob for your help, I tried Williams idea, it worked a treat!!

    Thanks Again

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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