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    Slightly small but frustrating problem.

    Our appointments for the majority are 30 minutes, but we do have a few (1-2 per day) which are 40 minutes. When viewing my day, the appointments all all line up, but the ones which are 40 minutes take up an hour slot, despite the little grey bar on the left hand side of the taking up the correct 40minutes. It can mean the diary looks very confusing and hard to tell when spaces are.

    Is it possible for a 40 minute appointment to take up only “40 minutes” worth of space. Whilst still having 30 minutes intervals.

    Hope this makes some sense!




    Hi Rob,

    If you changed the diary into 20 min intervals, then the 40mins would take up 2 slots. Unfortunately there is no way of doing that with a 30 min interval.

    Also, it’s one of the secitons in the software that we don’t have a lot of flexibility with.

    I will pass the request onto your development team to see if there is anything that can be done.



    Yes, we have tried this one already. But as you said, it isn’t then compatible with the 30 minute slots!

    Would be great if you could.

    Many thanks


    Hi Rob

    Just one other thought is to use 10 minute intervals. As you know the diary can only have one time interval per view. So as to fit appointments of different lengths you need to use the highest common denominator; in this case it will be 10 minutes. Unfortunately that does have the knock on effect of increasing the viewing size of each appointments but it will at least display the appointments at their correct lengths whether it be 30 minutes or 40 minutes.

    Hope this might be of some assistance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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