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    Over recent years, more and more of our customers have been trying to go truly “paperless”. One obstacle however has been the need for patients to physically sign documents – for example, Patient Consent forms.

    To assist with this, ClinicOffice can now integrate with a WACOM STU-300 digital signature scanner.

    What are the benefits?

      Paperlessly capture patient signatures on consent forms or legal documents
      Signed documents are stored securely in your database
      Designed to feel like signing on paper
      Accurate handwriting recognition
      Easy-to-use integration with ClinicOffice

    Integration with the WACOM STU-300 is a feature of the Documents and Scanning add-on module of ClinicOffice, so if you don’t already have that module then you will need to purchase it first


    Hello, could you please explain were you can purchase a WACOM STU-300 as it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere online. Also how exactly is it integrated i.e. what is the process of getting a signature and adding it to a document?


    Joshua Barrs


    Thank you for your post.

    The WACOM STU-300B is still available from Steadlands, and can be purchased from this link:

    The scanner itself plugs directly into your PC via USB, and is recognised by windows automatically. From there you will need to right-click on your document template (i.e. Letter to Patient) and select Edit Template. If you go to the Insert tab you will notice that there are two buttons for the signature: Capture Signature and Signature Point.

    Capture Signature allows you to insert a signature straight to the current template. So this would be used if you are a practitioner for example putting a signature to your name.

    Signature Point will allow a signature to be entered once you have merged the letter document with the patient’s details. So this can be used when you go to print the letter and take a signature from the patient for example on a consent letter perhaps.

    If you click the Capture Signature button the signature window will open. You can now enter in your signature on the WACOM device and when finished click the OK button on the Capture Signature window. Your signature will now been entered and appear on the document template.

    If you click the Signature Point instead it will insert some bold text, highlighted in yellow, onto the template saying “[SIGN HERE]”.

    If you now save the template and run the letter by either double clicking on it via Reports and
    Templates or by selecting it from the Print menu within a patient’s record this will show you the merge results of the letter. On this screen there is a button on the ribbon bar called “Sign and Save”. When you click this, the document will go into a print preview mode and the Capture Signature window will appear as well.

    The patient will then be able to enter in their signature on the WACOM device. When you click OK it will save the signature to the document.

    I hope this all makes sense!

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