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    Sometimes a patient pays in advance for several future treatments. This article describes how to enter a pre-payment into ClinicOffice.

    Firstly, we need to create a new payment for the patient in question.

    If you’re already looking at the Patient Record in question, simply click Financial Actions (at the top of the Patient Editor) then click Enter Payment.

    (Alternatively, to create a new payment from the main screen click the New button then click New Payment to bring up the Payment Editor and you will then need to select the Payer i.e. the patient making the payment.)

    You should now have a new payment on the screen with the Payer correctly set to the person making the pre-payment. Now you simply need to :-

    * Select a Payment Method
    * Enter the Amount
    * Click Save and Close

    This payment will now be credited to that patient’s account balance. The next time an invoice is raised for this patient, ClinicOffice will inform you that their account is in credit and offer to allocate the pre-payment against the new invoice. The patient’s balance will then be adjusted accordingly.

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