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    A Credit Note is essentially the opposite of an Invoice. An Invoice = ‘the patient owes you money’, while a Credit Note = ‘you owe the patient money’.

    Here are some examples when you might raise a Credit Note for a customer :-

    [1] As a gift voucher which can be used at a later date against an invoice
    [2] A patient complains about a £30 invoice, so you only take a £20 payment from him/her and raise a Credit Note for remaining £10 on the invoice
    [3] A patient disputes an invoice and refuses to pay it. After a period of time, you decide to write it off as a ‘bad debt’ so you raise a Credit Note to the same value as the invoice.
    [4] You need to refund a patient for some goods or a service. You first need to raise a Credit Note and then issue a Refund against the Credit Note (click here for more information).

    The basic purpose of a Credit Note is to affect the patient’s account balance positively (i.e. to ‘credit’ their account with an amount).

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