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    If you have setup your network and configured ClinicOffice so that the database is shared between two or more computers, then you will want the diary screen to be kept up-to-date on all your computers. It may appear however that not all the computers seem to have the latest appointments displayed in the diary.

    The simple reason for this is that the diary page needs to be refreshed in order to show the latest appointments which may have been booked from another computer. You can manually refresh the diary screen by clicking the Refresh button (at the top), but you better still, you can activate an automatic refresh in order to save sometime.

    Here’s how to configure the automatic refresh :-

    * Go to the Appointment Diary
    * Click Diary Options (towards the top right of the diary)
    * At the bottom of this window you’ll notice a setting called Data Refresh Mode
    * We suggest changing this setting to “Refresh every 2 minutes”
    * Click OK

    Your diary will now automatically refresh every 2 minutes, thus showing any appointments which have been booked on another computer.

    💡 If you have a lot of computers, it may be best not to set the automatic refresh too frequently on every computer as multiple computers continuously refreshing the diary will place a higher demand on your server computer and your network.

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