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    Joshua Barrs

    Have your emails stopped working? It may be that you have noticed an email error pop-up to the bottom of your screen. Emails can stop working for many reasons and often the fix is a simple one. Sometimes an invalid password is used for the email account or an incorrect email address has been used.

    We decided that it would be helpful to give users a little more help to understand why their emails may not be working, so we have built the ‘Outbox Monitor’. This allows ClinicOffice admins to see all pending/stuck emails globally (All users) and act accordingly. It also tells them the reason they cannot be sent. For example, if someone has tried to send an email to, this would fail because gmailxyz is invalid. So rather than the need to call us, the ‘Outbox Monitor’ allows you to adjust and resend the email.

    To access the ‘Outbox Monitor’, go to your Email Manager, then Email Settings, then Outbox Monitor. The window below will appear:



    Although the error is being displayed in ClinicOffice, the error given here is merely relayed back from your server. In the example above, it states that either the username or password is not accepted, meaning that either one is wrong. This message is being relayed in this instance back from Google Mail’s server. The error does vary depending on the problem and it might be the case that you have more than one email stuck in the outbox for different reasons.

    From this window, you can select to edit the email to correct the problem, if the problem is an invalid email address for example. Once you have made the necessary correction you can select to Retry All and ClinicOffice will attempt to retry sending all emails stuck in the outbox.

    *NOTE* Only Supervisors/Administrators within ClinicOffice have access to this screen.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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