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    Joshua Barrs

    As a part of GDPR law, it sometimes becomes necessary to remove any information that you have on file relating to a specific individual. This can present a problem for record keeping software due to the way that patient records often link to other ‘child records’ such as invoices/appointments etc.

    To assist with this, we have designed a new feature dedicated to the removal of ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ or ‘PII’.

    Here’s how the feature works.

    • Firstly, to access the ‘Destroy PII’ function, the record in question will need to be deleted, then located in the ClinicOffice recycle bin. (Deleting a record in ClinicOffice simply moves it to the recycle bin.)
    • Right-Clicking on the record then reveals the ‘Destroy PII’ option, and selecting it shows the window below.

    You will notice a range of options to choose from depending on how thorough you want this removal to be. ClinicOffice never actually destroys physical patient/staff/contact records via this feature, rather it simply replaces names/addresses with ‘X’ meaning the record can no longer be associated with an individual.

    Please note that this CANNOT be undone. Once completed, there is no way to retrieve the information without completely restoring a backup, so please use it with care.

    Once done, you will notice the record in question will look something like the image below. Technically it still exists, and relates to invoices/appointments within the software for historic record keeping purposes, however it no longer relates to a specific individual as it did before.

    It is also worth noting that circumstances to warrant a complete ‘PII’ removal are specific, and at best infrequent. There are a number of added things to consider (in the medical sector especially) that do limit the patients ‘Right to be forgotten’. We cannot influence any decision you make in this regard, but more information can be found via this link:-


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