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    Joshua Barrs

    Once you have finished registering with Paymentsense and you have your API keys, there are just one or two more steps required to get started in ClinicOffice. (If you haven’t already registered, please fill in the sign-up form via this link:-

    Once logged on to ClinicOffice, you will need to open ‘Program settings‘. You can access this via the ‘VIEW‘ tab, then click on ‘Global Settings‘. You should then see an option to ‘Setup Payment Provider‘. (Pictured below)


    On the screen that opens next, select ‘Paymentsense ECOM/MOTO‘. You will then be shown the following window.



    Double clicking the ‘Dbl-Click to Edit‘ buttons reveal the window in which you will need to put your account details. (Provided by Paymentsense).

    Once you have completed this, you are then ready to begin taking payments via Paymentsense!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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