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    Joshua Barrs

    We have recently introduced a new feature to the online diary that allows for patients to upload documents to their record within ClinicOffice.

    To do this, you will need to have the online diary add-on as part of your package, along with the Documents Module. Instructions on how to configure the diary are accessible via our Online Diary User Guide.


    Step 1 – Enabling The Feature

    Once the above is in place, you will need to enable the feature.

    To do this, log on to the diary using your ClinicOffice credentials, and head to the Admin Settings page on the left menu bar.

    You will then see 4 tabs running across the top of the screen. Click ‘Uploads’ as below.

    Next, check the box that says ‘Allow patients to upload files’.

    You can make changes to some further settings at this point, and once you’re happy click save, and patients will now see a new option within their login for document uploads.


    Step 2 – Instructions for Uploading 

    When a patient logs on using their details, they will now see a new menu item on the left panel called ‘Upload Files’.

    Clicking on that will display the following screen.

    From here, the patient simply needs to click ‘Browse’ and locate the folder on their device that they wish to upload.

    Once selected, they will need to click ‘Upload To Clinic’.

    They will then receive a success message on completion. The document has now been securely uploaded into your ClinicOffice database.


    Step 3 – Retrieving the uploaded document

    Once the patient has completed the upload, the document will appear within the documents tab on their record inside a folder called Uploaded By Patient as shown below.

    Please feel free to reply to this forum post if you have any questions!

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