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    Hi, I hope this has not been asked before but could not find an answer anywhere.

    Just registered to Textanywhere system as it seems better and cheaper than the one we used to have.

    Anyway my query is this: is there a way to send a SMS to a group of people rather than one at a time? We often just send a text when we are running offers as it seems to get the best return. But we need to be able to do that for the best part of our database in order to be worth it (otherwise too time consuming).



    Thanks for the question. To send a text to a group of people please follow the steps below.

      – Go to the Patient grid
      – Perform a search to display the patients to whom you want to send the SMS to (or you can press F7 on to show all patients)
      – Right-click on the grid
      – Select Patient Record and then Send Text Message
      – Insert your message
      – Click the Send button when you are happy with this

    You can also do this on other grids such as the appointment, invoice or payment grids. Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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