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    I recently download the trial version and I must say that I am very impressed with the software. It seems to do everything that our small single clinic Physio practice would require.

    I would be intrested in any comments from current users as to the performance of the software, its ease of set-up and support from Pioneer when things go wrong.


    I have been very happy with Clinic Office. It represented great value in terms of the features offered and the cost. It is great that you can start at a lower level of options and add on as your requirements increase. I have found the support to be excellent as well. I have no hesitation on recommending the package.


    😀 the system is great hedley is always on hand and will go onto your system remotely and help you out all the front desk girls love it. it’s good value and it will pay for itself within no time at all



    I have been using the software for over 3 yrs now form it’s early inception as clinic office xp… to the current version

    At the time of making the decision to purchase from pioneer I had done a lot of research into various practice management software packages and I believe bought into the best on the market

    As a user I have been part of the evolution of this product and through the forum’s wish list have input into how the package develops

    Support form the forum is excellent, and the tech staff are always available to offer prompt support via phone and e-mail

    In terms of implementation the package is easy to use and the learning curve is fairly quick even for the not so computer literate…

    Due to the modular nature of the package you can buy in the features that you need and as your need changes you just buy in the next module you need..

    I subscribe to the £25 a month support package which funds the forum and future development of the software and gives me free upgrade when the software moves to the next version

    Currently I have 4 licenses running a server and 2 computers one in reception and one in my treatment room, with plans to put another computer in another treatment room.. I have remote access from home which allows me to view the diary…write patient letters, etc and we’re currently in the process of connecting all practitioners remotely thru remote desktop

    I have encouraged 2 other practice to purchase this package with great feedback from both

    Have a look at the other packages out there if you haven’t already done so, do a price/facility comparison and if you buy anything else I’ll be very surprised…

    Good Luck any problems don’t hesitate to contact me


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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