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    I reinstalled Clinicoffice V4 on my other computer and have connected it to my host computer via network however when I want to login, it says my password is incorrect.

    I tried reinstalling again but the same issue appears

    I am able to login fine on my host computer and an additional computer which has been connected via network as well with the same password.

    Joshua Barrs

    Hi sfphysio,

    There are a few things to check in this scenario.


    1. Please make sure that you are actually connecting to the same database. We have seen users in the past thinking that they are, whereas in fact, they are using the Pro Edition instead of the Server edition, or vice versa, or they have more than one database on their host PC, and have selected the wrong one. So please make sure you are opening the correct version of ClinicOffice, and have the correct database selected.
    2. Levels of password encryption have changed over time with ClinicOffice, and so you need to make sure you are running the same build number on your new PC as that installed on your host. You can check this from the ‘Help’ tab, and then ‘About ClinicOffice’.
    3. Another thing to check seems simple, but you would be supprised how often we see it. Sometimes when a PC gets updated, or is reset etc, it’s keyboard gets converted to a different format, or, we have also seen users trying to use the number pad on their keyboard, only for us to show them that they have locked the number pad, hence the keys aren’t registering as expected. A good thing to try would be to type what you think the password should be onto a notepad, and see what actually appears on the screen.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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