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    Hello there,

    I’m hoping you can help.

    For some odd reason (and it’s been driving me mad for quite a while now), one particular patient record (always the same one) constantly shows up as being in debt of either (it seems to vary) £34 or £40 after each time I create an invoice and take a payment for that invoice.

    The curious thing is that when I go into that patient’s “Finances” screen… all is fine and in balance… ie at £0.00. Also, the little “£” icon against the patient’s name in the diary always shows up in red.

    I have tried manipulating things in various ways (eg cancelling, creating credit etc etc etc) and still the same scenario exists. What could be wrong?


    Daniel Iannarelli


    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for the post. This problem would be caused by the payment not being allocated to the invoice. You see the invoice will still be outstanding because nothing has been allocated against it but the patient’s balance would be £0 because this is calculated based on invoice/payment totals and ignores the allocation side.

    The easiest way to resolve this issue is to go into the Finances tab. From there click on the Grid Options button and click on drop down menu at the top of the panel. Select the option With Statuses. If you now scroll to the far right hand side of the grid you will notice and extra column called “Statuses”. This will show any invoices and payments that are not being allocated; the text will appear in red.

    The quickest way to allocate the payment to the invoice is to open the payment. At the bottom of the payment editor is the allocation area. Tick the pay checkbox for the invoice that the payment should be allocated against. From this screen you can also change the allocation date if you need to. Click the Save and Close button when you are finished.

    Please let us know if you are still having problems.


    Hi there and thanks for your response.

    Sorry for taking so long to reply. I thought I would receive an email notification that there was a response for me on the forum and, not having received such an email, I didn’t know you had replied to me. I only found out having emailed Jacob Tovey (as the issue is *really* getting to me now), who informed me that your response is actually on the forum and awaiting me.

    Anyway, I’ve gone through the procedure you gave, but it still does not work. In fact, I found a few other red “Unallocated” and “Part Paid” lines… some of which open up in the screen you mention (with the “Payment Allocation” area at the bottom) while others only open up into an “Invoice” screen. The former screen (respective to the patient record I mentioned with the problem issue) does not have any lines in the “Payment allocation” area in which to tick the “Pay Checkbox” you mentioned.

    In short, your advice doesn’t seem to work. The problem still exists… in fact, more so now as I’ve found other similar records (God only knows how they got there).

    In supplement to the information I previously gave, I got so fed up and irritated one time, that I decided just to enter a payment received for the ‘phantom’ amount. I did this and all seemed perfectly good. I thought the problem had cleared. However, when I checked by opening up the patient’s next visit… it showed up as a similar payment still outstanding! Frankly, it’s driving me crazy.


    Daniele Iannarelli


    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your post. You can click the “SUBSCRIBE TO TOPIC” or “SUBSCRIBE TO FORUM” links at the bottom of the screen to be notified by email when you receive a reply in this forum.

    As regards the problem itself, if there were a bug in ClinicOffice which was causing Account Balances to be incorrect, then we would have 1000s of users all telling us the same thing. It’s much more likely that the issue is being caused by the way data has been entered into your database.

    Please can you upload a backup of your database to our server and tell us which patient accounts are problematic, and we’ll take a look for you to see what the cause is :-



    I am just this moment uploading my back up as suggested… at least, I *think* I am.
    I got a strange explorer window that had my own computer file details in it as well, so I hope it’s getting to you.

    I don’t know how to make this post a private post (as I don’t want to intimate the patients’ names with whose finance files I’m having difficulty), so I will send a separate email with those details to Jacob Tovey.


    Daniele Iannarelli


    Thank you for uploading your database. We have just restored it and the first thing we tried was to run a CHECK & REPAIR operation.

    ClinicOffice then reported “INVALID ALLOCATION DATA FOUND” and it reports the following :-

    INVOICES Account Inv Date Inv Num Total Allocated
    P***n, Andrew [486] 26/01/2007 22 £34.00 £68.00

    Selecting “REMOVE INVALID ALLOCATIONS” cleared the invalid allocation data. We could then go into his account and double click on each of the unallocated PAYMENT records, click AUTO ALLOCATE and then click SAVE AND CLOSE. This resolves the problem.

    As regards the other patient records you named in your email (sent separately), I checked the first two you mentioned and they both have only payments on their account and NO CORRESPONDING invoices – hence their accounts are obviously going to be in credit – this is correct behaviour.

    As regards the third person (Steven G*******n), you have entered 3 invoices (totalling £101) and 3 payments (totalling £104) so clearly his Account Balance is £3 in credit – I’m afraid I can’t see any problem with this – once again ClinicOffice is correct.

    The fourth person (Stephen M***e) has only one invoice on his account (for £32) and no payments hence his balance is £32 in debit – again ClinicOffice is 100% correct.

    I haven’t checked the other names as I suspect that they too are all correct. So the only problem account was Andrew P***n and that was because of invalid allocation data which was fixed with the CHECK & REPAIR operation.

    Please feel free to post a reply here if you have any follow up questions – many thanks.


    Hello again.

    Thanks for your help.
    It seems to be sorted.

    Yes, the other records were problematic (my incompetence) – I think due to my ‘getting used to’ the program a few years ago.

    Thanks again.


    Daniele Iannarelli

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