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    I’d like the Pioneer Software team to integrate the optional use of SNOMED CT along with the ability to then create meaningful treatment outcomes reports, which can then aid with clinical audits.

    For those here who do not know about SNOMED CT, it is a database of standardised coded clinical terminology, used by health authorities and organisations worldwide, including a requirement for NHS electronic clinical records here in the UK.


    My three main reasons for this wish are, it will provide

    • reliable consistency of data input terms for conditions treated
    • with SNOMED CT’s input data and Pioneer Software’s Clinic Office, the ability to create reports; it will allow the creation of really powerful, very useful new reports, based on reliable consistency of standardised treatment data input.
    • more reliable communications between clinicians/practices/professions.

    So, for example, practitioners could create a report for how many people we saw with condition a, b, c, to z and then, compare outcomes for each against different treatment plans. This is very significant, as it would allow us to:

    • analyse patient outcomes and compare these with given treatment plans
    • gain objective insight as to how we may best modify and improve our treatment results by analysing these reports
    • reliably determine the frequency of the various conditions patients are presenting with
    • easily fulfil the increasing data demands being requested by our professional governing bodies as part of our CPD (Continued Professional Development)
    • Ultimately and most importantly, it is a tool that can be used to greatly benefit our patients, by helping us provide evidence based targeted treatments

    Since SNOMED CT provide an API for vendors like Pioneer Software to use, I’d imagine implementation of this wish would be a very simple task for them if the demand is demonstrated here
    AND as an added point of encouragement, the SNOMED CT database is totally FREE for Pioneer Software to use (SEE END OF THIS POST FOR MORE).

    If any other readers of this post have any thoughts on SNOMED CT, please share here. Remember, Pioneer Software are more likely to eventually implement our wishes, only if replies demonstrate a demand.





    The license is FREE for users, including for EMR vendors like yourselves. SNOMED international provides database updates which you will be able to download for FREE. Alternatively, they also provide an API to their hosted service which you would be able to connect to.

    In countries like the UK, where the licence is FREE for users, it is free because license for usage in the country has been purchased by the national government, who clearly see the benefit of encouraging standardising terminologies across clinical practices and professions.


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