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    I have a problem with the internal messages. Every time I log on, I have about 4-5 messages waiting for my attention, and these messages keep rotating over and over in the right hand corner of the screen, depending on where I place the mouse. Even when the mouse is not scrolling over the messgaes, they seem to rotate through each message. Until they stop the rotation, I can’t read or deal with them. Is there a solution to this??


    Hi Nashila. Well we’ve never heard of that problem before! 😯

    Can you drag a message across the screen so that they are not overlapping? What actually happens when you click on the SNOOZE or DISMISS buttons? Are other users experiencing the same problems accessing their messages on that same computer or is it just when you logon? What happens if you logon to another computer does it happen then too?

    You can clear the entire message queue by clicking TOOLS then clicking Advanced DB Operation and typing the following :-


    Then click Execute SQL. Please note however that this will DELETE ALL MESSAGES to all users on your database.


    It does happen on all computer to all users. The messages are on top of each other so when you put the mouse on the dismiss button or the snooze button, it rotates to the next message before you can click on the button to dismiss/snooze it. It only happens when there are 4-5 messages displayed on top of each other, usually only when you log on. If it is a single message it works fine.


    So are you able to drag the message over a little bit and then click on the dismiss or snooze buttons?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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