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    We have been asked by many clinics to work out a way of printing appointment cards. We have spent some time looking at a number of ways to do this and we are pleased to announce that we found what we think is a rather attractive option.

    We looked at the possibilities of using different types of printers including Dymo, Star and Zebra. And although we are happy to help design layouts for whichever product you already have we would like to suggest that the best/most cost effective way of doing this is by using the Zebra LP 2824 Printer. More information can be found here.

    The benefits of using the Zebra printer are many. The main ones include high print quality/speed but most of all the running costs and ability to have your clinic information printed on the reverse of the card. As shown below.

    It is possible to have up to 5 colors printed on the reverse of your cards but each color involves an initial cost as well as an increased cost per roll of labels.

    The cost of the printer is around £150+vat, although our supplier will price match any proven price if you find it cheaper :-$ (This can also be reduced by ordering large quantities of rolls). The rolls have 720 cards on them and start at £14.00+vat per roll for blank backs (we can place your logo on the printed side, although this does not look as good as the printed ones and is only in black!) and goes all the way up to £27+vat per roll for 5 colors. With the initial purchase there is a ‘plating’ cost of £50 per color, but this is lowered / waived if you order enough rolls.

    For the typical clinic with 3/4 practitioners (having 15 appointments a day each) for a 2 color printed back the total cost works out to be 4.5 pence per appointment card in the first year and 3 pence per card for each following year=D>.

    Our supplier suggests that you will need approximately 6 rolls per practitioner per year. This seems to allow for 30 minute appointments. If you would be interested in this product please contact us and we will introduce you to the company who supplies the printers and labels.

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