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    Hi, I tend to write invoices and update my database with payments received once every two weeks, rather than on the same day as the treatment. The problem I am currently having is that the invoice shows only the day the invoice is created, and NOT the date of the session for which I am creating the invoice. Thus, if I catch up and write, lets say invoices and register payment for the last 2 weeks today, I have 3 invoices with todays date for patient X, and it is not really clear for which sessions.

    How do I get around this problem?

    PS. I am brand new to this


    Hi Diana. To be honest, the best work-around is simply to enter the invoice and payment when the customer pays. The “Quick Invoice & Payment” screen is designed specifically to do this very quickly (simply right-click on an appointment and click Quick Invoice & Payment).

    Further, if you set up your item list and then link the items to appointment categories (click Actions | Edit Types and Categories | Appointment Categories) then you can assign default items to appointments which increases the efficiency of the Quick Invoices.

    It literally takes a matter of seconds to do this after each appointment and is the most efficient way of doing this.

    If you want to enter invoices later then unfortunately you will have to manually adjust the date as the default date for a new invoice will be the current date.


    Hi there,

    I have been updating our database with payments and invoices going back to the time we started the practice so that we have “lifetime values” ie the amount of revenue each client has contributed. This is useful when looking at the amount of revenue by source of client eg local advertising, yellow pages, referrals etc. I’m also doing it so that we have accurate stats on visit numbers, services & collections etc.

    I have had the same problem with having to change the invoice date and time for every back-dated one. What I do is change the date and time on the invoice for the first client of that day. I then copy (ctrl c) the date/time and then when the payment screen comes up paste that date and time into the date/time box for the payment (ctrl v). When I do the next client I paste the date & time in the date/time box of the next client’s invoice, change the time and repeat the copy & paste for the payment – and so on !! It’s a bit laborious but I figure it’s worth it so that we can have accurate stats. If you’re not too fussed about changing the time every time you could set your clock on your computer back to the date of the day that you are entering invoices and payments – however you have to keep changing the clock date between days – probably faster to do the above!



    I am experiencing the same problem when entering invoices and payments for previous days. I have noticed a button on the date/time section which says “now”. Is there any reason this is there since the date automatically has the current date and time, so there is no reason to ever use it. Could that button be changed to “appointment date” or something similar. This way, all you need to do is click on that button to get the date of the actual appointment (the time could just be set to the finished appt time or not included at all)


    Well – obviously this change is something that would be helpful for a few of you so we’ll see what we can do about this for the next update!


    Your new feature to back date/time the invoices is very useful. However on one of our computers, I had selected “Don’t ask me this question again” having selected yes – thinking that it would automatically back date them. It now defaults to the current date/time. Can I reset it some how so that it asks me again?

    Is there a way to set it so it automatically back dates the invoices without asking?

    Also is there a way to set it so that it back dates the payment as well as the invoice portion?



    Hi Claire,

    Yes, this is easy to do. Simply click the File menu, then click Settings then User Settings.
    Now make sure the optional message Confirm Invoice – Appointment Date is ticked.


    Hi I wonder if you could also back date the payment screen, since when you select “create invoice” it aks if you want to backdate the invoice, so I select yes, then it asks if you want to recieve a payment, so I select yes, but the date on this payment screen automatically puts todays date, not the backdate. So could you modify this so that it also backdates the payment screen automatically if possible, otherwise another box asking if it needs to be backdated would be better.
    Thank you.


    So….is there a way that both the invoice and payment screens are backdated? Currently only the invoice is backdated, not the payment screen.

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