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    I am no longer able to write a letter to patient via Clinic Office. The option is just not there when I right click on patient record Is this because I don’t have the docs and scanning module? I am wondering whether I have used up my quota?
    IF this is the case i would like to purchase the module.


    Hi Stevema

    Thanks for the post. The only time you need the Document module is if you are trying to save additional letters to the patient’s record, but this would be after the letter has already been merged. From what you have described you cannot even find the option to merge a letter template with the patient via the right click menu.

    Looking at the image above, which part of the right click menu is not visible? Is it the first part where it says “Patient: ” or is it the “Run Report/Templates” or is it “Letters” part or is it just on of the existing letters is no longer appearing?

    Depending on you answer it might just be a case that the grid SQL has somehow changed or it is one of the letter template’s SQL source at fault.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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